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At first I thought they were going to make fun of him and I was about to get angry but then Wonder Woman was like “yeah, my outfit is pretty awesome”.


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Alright, so, long story short: my godbrother is an animator for DreamWorks and has been working REALLY hard on these movies.
To show him how much everyone appreciates it, I wanted everyone in the fandom/everyone who loves the movies to like or reblog this! When the release date comes, I’m going to screen cap it and send it to him!
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|| HELLOOOOOOO || Wilbur didn't know where he was but, his mind was ever curious. His dark shaggy brown hair over his eyes a bit as he scanned the area. Where was he? The eternal question.
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Loki saw the child who seemed… vaguely familiar to him. Though he was certain he had never met the child before. “You know, standing around like that isn’t going to get you anywhere.”



"Hmm?" The boy whirled around at the voice behind him, blinking a few times as he looked up at him. "Uhm….I-I’m just thinking. Who are you?"


He looked at the boy. “You should be careful where you think. Anything can happen. But to answer your question, I am Loki.”


Loki….Loki…..wait, Loki!! It clicked in his head, and his eyebrows rose, “Oh, yeah. You know my sister, I think.” he then said, letting a hand go to his pocket as he shifted his weight to his other foot.

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The mutant raised a strange eyebrow, seeing the fellow brunette and…what the heck was that thing? Some kind of reptile, but it acted like a mammal…huh. That was weird. Nicole’s wings pulled tighter against her spine as she watched them, and visible tensed up when the reptile started to sniff the air. Oh no, oh no, oh no! she thought, shutting her eyes tight and concentrating. Air circulated to her will, blowing her scent off and subtly hiding her present hiding spot from the animal.

As soon as they were safe enough away, she let herself float down to the ground again. She had to use her abilities to stay light on her feet, not much noise would be made that way.

They didn’t have to walk much farther for them to run into the massive crater, branches and trees being pulled down and torn from the impact of whatever had done it. It seemed to start at a certain point then follow through the forest, before it finally stopped at a massive boulder, as if it’s makers landing was abruptly halted by the stone.


The Viking just kept walking. When e came to the crater he stopped and looked to toothless. “Seems like another dragon attack. Or a dragon scrimmage.” He mentioned. But either than that there was nothing suspicious of the whole scene. The two looked at one another as the dragon shook his head to keep going. He wanted his salmon and he wasn’t going to get it if they spent too much time here.

So without question they continued to the beach on the other side of the island. Because right before it was a fresh water supply from a large river. And inside that river were tons of thousands of silver gleaming fish swimming in the current.

Well…this was playing well in her hands, her brows furrowed and she let out a breath.


Oh no…….


There went the branch, her weight finally tipping her over it’s limit before finally giving out. Nicole let out a yelp as she then landed with a heavy thud on the ground, along with a good amount of leaves falling with her. Ah crud… she thought as she wobbled to her feet, already hearing the footsteps coming back towards her.


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Cue a little brunette boy coming in with a wet cloth, having waited til she was awake, before then turning her around, yanking her down by her collar, and started wiping at the word with the wet cloth, a grim frown on his face.


He’d gotten so tall in the year or so she’d known him; strong, too, if he could yank her down to his level so easily. Lee wouldn’t let herself cry in front of him, and how could she? She still had to play strong…

"I’m fine… Really."

"Don’t even start or I’ll call Dick on you." He simply said, sounding almost uncannily like his sister as the word started to smear and fade from her pale skin.



"I’m serious. Searing pain in my joints whenever I move, don’t matter where it is. My neck, my back, my wings, elbows, toes even. I just don’t know…"


"I can walk just fine, thank you. Well, kinda…"

"Damn, Nic— You’re gonna have t’let me heal you, even if it’s just a little bit. I gotta feel what you’re talking about before we go to Alfred…"


"I’ll help. I’d call Lava, but she’s keeping an eye on Trevor."

"……fine. But you won’t feel good afterwards, trust me…." She replied with, rubbing her forehead in discomfort.


Nicole still had her sports tank on, but she hesitated as she took off her hoodie, leaving her scarred back exposed, her wings loose and open for airflow. 

She sighed, her body aching and thoughts plaguing her, at least for a moment. Until she felt a hand trace one of the scars on her back lightly. At first she tensed up, before then easing back down, looking over her shoulder at her boyfriend silently as her wings moved outwards slightly.

He hadn’t seen much of her since his return to Haly’s after the Red Triangle incident. For the past month, he’d been on crutches; there was to be no acrobatic practice of any sort. But now, now that he was close to healing, he’d been working with Lazlo and Kale— Sophia’s project for him while he was on ‘bed rest’.

But ‘bed rest’ meant that he could see Nicole more often, and he was okay with that aspect of it. 

He’d slid the door to his room open to find her there on the bottom bunk of his bed… in the tank top he almost never saw her wearing. It was more than tempting to trace those scars along her back, and so he couldn’t help himself. Sitting behind her, Dick let a finger follow the trails of scars between her wings. It wasn’t long before his arms circle around her waist and gently pulled her into his lap, trailing his lips along her old injuries instead of his fingers.

"Hey, pretty bird… You okay?"

At first she didn’t say anything, her breathing smoothing out as her senses overloaded at the feeling of his arms going around her waist, his lips brushing against her back, as if the ‘kiss it to make it better’ still applied in the world.

She let him pull her into his lap, feeling comfort in his warmth as she let herself lean back gently, her legs hanging over the side of his lap as her head rested in the crook of his neck almost feeling her joints grind against eachother at each movement.

"I could be better….alot better but…We’re alive right?"



"Stop hiding and come out of the shadows. I can hear you breathing."

"…I promise I come on peace…" The boy stepped out from around the corner, figuring his hat was the givaway and not his breathing, "….I…haven’t seen you here before so…who’re you…?"

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"Ah…I’m kinda lost honestly. I saw the city and thought I could get help here." Nicole answered, smiling sweetly at him, "Just me though."

Elias nodded. “Well alright. What can I help you with?”

"I uhm…" She rubbed the back of her neck a bit, "…I’m kinda dumb around here, so…tell me about this place, you’re kingdom. If anything that’s a good place to start, right?"